LC Lending Club Corporation

  • Symbol: LC
  • Market Capitalization: $1.27 B
  • Shares Outstanding: 431,922,000
  • Insiders: Acquisition 6/05/19 a lot of buying
  • Industry: Consumer Finance Sector: Financials

Business Model

  • LC
    • Lending Club needs to grow (they aren’t anywhere near profitability yet) and their growth is constrained by the amount of investment capital they can attract.
    • If Lending Club stops originating loans, the lion’s share of its income dries up immediately.
    • it helps a borrower to consolidate and refinance his credit card debt
    • The most common product is an unsecured loan

Insiders: Timothy J. Mayopoulos is an American businessman and lawyer. He was formerly president and chief executive officer of Fannie Mae. Mayopoulos was announced as president and member of the board of directors at Blend in 2019.

Competition Highly competitive environment.



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